CDC Seeks Input on Firefighter Registry

The National Firefighter Registry will help researchers better understand why firefighters are at increased risk of certain types of cancer – including digestive, lung, throat, and urinary cancers.

Department of Energy Announces $88 Million for Oil and Natural Gas Recovery Research

“This research and development will allow us to continue building on those successes and expand the advancement of both our conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources.”

App Stores Remove 3 Dating Apps After Complaints of Use by Kids As Young...

The apps user policies say they don't allow persons under the age of 13, but the apps did not block users confirmed to be underage from using the app, the FTC says.

HUD and Census Bureau Release New American Housing Survey

Renters are three times more likely to need financial assistance to evacuate during a major disaster than those who own their own homes.

Interior Department Law Enforcement Seizes $2.3 Million in Illegal Drugs on Southern Border

422 traffic stops, 50 arrests, and $2.3 million in drugs in the month of March.

Agents Arrest Child Sex Offender and Seize Drugs at Immigration Checkpoints

Agents seized more than 37 pounds of meth from inside of a vehicle searched at the I-8 Immigration Checkpoint

Dept of Interior Proposes Increasing Public Access to Hunting and Fishing on 1.4 Million...

Proposal Includes New Opportunities at 74 National Wildlife Refuges and 15 National Fish Hatcheries, 3 of which are in Georgia.

ICE arrests 140 violators in 5-day enforcement surge in 6 Midwestern states

Fifty-three of those arrested were immigration fugitives; 20 others illegally re-entered the United States after having been previously deported, which is a felony.

Secretary of Transportation Orders Suspension of Air Service Between the U.S. and Venezuela

The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has requested this action based on his assessment of current security conditions in Venezuela